Hummer H2 AV Install By The Ice House

The Hummer H2 has to be one of the most imposing cars on the road today. Dave purchased his Hummer for the bad winter weather as his daily driver was no good in the snow. The car is used by the family for school trips, shopping and long drives to the south of Spain. Dave wanted a fully integrated satellite navigation unit and also wanted to keep the kids entertained on those long trips.

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After your house and car your caravan is the most expensive item you will ever purchase. With over 5000 caravans stolen each year and very few recovered you would want to sure that your caravan is protected.

“Recent statistics show that over 5000 caravans are stolen every year and very few are recovered. “

Source Sold Secures

The ICE House, Staffordshire has been appointed as an authorized dealer for SmarTrack  products in the Staffordshire, Cheshire and Manchester areas vehicle tracking systems. They have 3 products aimed at the leisure market all of which have achieved Thatcham approval and can benefit from up to 15% insurance discounts.


Cycle and Bike Carriers in Staffordshire

How to transport your bike, when you discover new or well-known places

No matter what car you have or how you want to transport your bike, The Ice House has a solution to do the job, And do it easily, safely and stylishly, we might add.

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