Cycle and Bike Carriers in Staffordshire

How to transport your bike, when you discover new or well-known places

No matter what car you have or how you want to transport your bike, The Ice House has a solution to do the job, And do it easily, safely and stylishly, we might add.

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At The Ice House, King Street. We have the largest stocks of Thule, Witter and Westfalia cycle carriers in Staffordshire with some of the best prices around.

 Cycle carriers fall into 3 categories, Rear door mount, Roof mount and Tow Bar mounted.

Rear Door Mounted

You don’t feel like putting your bikes on the roof and you don’t have a tow bar, but you feel like bringing your bikes with you? Then a rear door mounted cycle carrier is the answer. We have several different bike carriers that fit directly onto the rear door with a simple fitting systems. They all sit securely in place, carry several bikes and are very easy to load and unload. They then fold up flat for storage in the car or garage. Available to carry between 1 to 4 bikes

Roof Mounted

A roof-mounted bike carrier from Thule keeps your bike in a firm and secure grip. Mile after mile. High above road dust, dirt and grit. Thule has three first-class bike carriers developed, designed and constructed to be mounted on the car roof. And they’re all extremely easy to fit directly onto Thule’s ingenious load carriers which are also available from The Ice House

Tow bar Mounted

The Ice House offers an extremely wide range of bike carriers for mounting on a tow bar – from simple but secure designs to elegant and advanced transport solutions for up to four bikes. All easy to mount and to store. This category also includes an unusually flexible transport solution which, with various accessories, can carry many of your bulkiest loads. As well as bikes, of course.

We also can supply all the accessories you could need as well as light boards, number plates and locking sytems.

For more information please phone Andy or Mark on 01782 574900

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