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 The Icehouse can offer customers a complete fleet management solution for customers wishing to manage one vehicle to a fleet of hundreds.

  The entry system, Roadangel Monitor, to this market will allow the operator to get reports of their vehicles 24 hours a day 365 days a year from the convenience of any internet ready pc.  This system will report to the operator when the vehicle ignition is turned on and off, so at the start of a journey the vehicles ignition is turned on the system becomes active and updates the position of the vehicle every 60 seconds, when the vehicles ignition is turned off this is then logged as a complete journey and from the web page you can see the start position and end position of the selected vehicle, you simply then click on the postcode tabs and a map will come up with your vehicles location.  The system will also give details of a complete journey report for all the vehicles on your system, it will monitor stationary time, out of hours use and fatigue time.  In addition to being a tracking system once all the vehicle details are entered the system will alert you of road fund license renewal, mot renewal, cam belt replacement due and warnings when servicing is due or overdue, from the operators screen you can also see current mileage of all your vehicles.

  The second system, Roadangel Locator, gives all the features of the above system but with the ability to ping a vehicle at any time to get a current location, this especially handy if you business needs location based scheduling, in case of breakdowns or the unfortunate event that a vehicle is stolen.  This system will allow you to enter a post code and select nearest to, this will then show on a map which vehicle is nearest to your entered postcode, especially handy for courier operators.

  The premium system in the range, Roadangel Live Track, gives all the features of the above systems with the addition of live tracking this allows you to see exactly where your vehicles are in real time, refreshed every 60 seconds, from the systems map view you will see your vehicle plotted on the map every 60 seconds, giving you current speed and direction, the system can be set to leave a snail trail on the map to give you information of the route being taken making it easy for you to see if there would be quicker routes or vehicles are overlapping in certain areas. The system gives information whether the ignition is on or off, speed reports for any journey and reports a vehicle for over speed and also idle time.  This system is particularly useful for giving accurate delivery times to customers or times when service engineers may be arriving, protecting high value goods or even VIP’s.

  For a demonstration of the systems and further information please contact Andy or Mark on 01782 574900 and we would be happy to discuss all your requirements and advise of the best package for your needs

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