Head Units & Double Din Head Units


The Ice House stock a large supply of Head Units from both Alpine and Clarion. The Head Unit provides an interface for all the separate hardware components of your audio system, allowing you to have precise control over the sound in your vehicle. We regularly update our inventory with the latest releases so why not pay a visit to the shop to check out our display. Our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer some assistance when it comes to choosing the right unit for you, advise you on latest releases and offering technical assistance.

Double Din:

Double din (Size: 180 x 100 mm panel) is the latest and the most advanced Head Unit. The Audio System is an upgraded version of a single din. It is twice the height and width of a single Din. Regarding of Entertainment Features, Double Din offers a lot of features aside from the standard DVD player such as Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, Video, Navigation, and Etc.

The Head Unit has even more file formats than single din. The common file formats which can be played are MP3, WMA, WAV,AVI,MPEG,AAC,JPEG, and etc. The audio system is usually compatible with iPod, iPhone and for some units, they are also compatible with Android and Blackberry.

Common Double Din Car Stereo Features

Built-In Satellite Radio

Playing music and watch the video are the primary purpose of this stereo system. Every brand and model has different features. A double din car stereo that has an AM/FM tuner that’s built-in with satellite radio features is able to make sure continuous music playback without worrying about bad signal. Note: search for stereo systems having minimal FM sensitivity that’s around 8 to 12 dbf. This sort of function suits for the stereo’s capability to clean analog signals and eliminate noise, which can be a usual problem related with radio broadcasts.

A lot of ways to Play Music

Meanwhile for the common features, every Double Din Car Stereo has function to play songs from your CDs or DVDs by simply using its music player. Aside from the music player, Double Din Car Stereo additionally comes with a USB slot for you to hook up additional external audio gadgets for instance iPod, mp3 player and flash drive

Bluetooth, GPS, and Touch Screen

For advanced designs even feature Bluetooth ability enabling you to carry out hand-free calls while driving. Then, there is GPS technology which is very helpful to conserve your time. It enables you to save your preferred routes and locations so that you can easily trace them in the future. One more feature that is designed to surely amaze you is its touch screen facilities. This kind of feature gives you more ease in locating menus and other utilities.

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